How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page With Reels

How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page With Reels

It’s 2023, and we’re all aware of the hype that small and big businesses or companies get through social media, specifically Instagram. But gone are the days when advertisements were just pictures and posts on Instagram. The talk of the town is in the reels that people scroll through daily!

As a social media user, you’re probably already accustomed to logging into your account and directly going to the Explore page to find something of interest to watch online. And more often than not, reels plaster the entire Explore page on Instagram.

And there’s something to be said about these 10-20-30 or 1-minute reels that seem to rope people in and keep them hooked on the video, which is precisely the reason why many content creators are latching on to the creative creation of reels to gain more traction and reach more people.

But with millions of users and not a hint of scarcity on content, so many reels are being created and uploaded daily

So, how do you get on the explore page with your reels?

What secret ingredient do you need to launch your online presence on Instagram through reels?

Take a look at what we found through our in-depth research

Make A Reel For Everything:

If you’re already a content creator or on your way to becoming one, reels are your new best friends. Nothing catches more traction on Instagram these days than reels. Even companies are hiring influencers to make reels for their products and get more customers.

Likewise, even for popularity, hopping on a trendy reel and recreating them is one of the easiest ways to climb the social ladder. Hence, let your new motto in life be to create reels for anything and everything you post on Instagram.

The more reels you make, the higher your chances of getting featured on the Explore page.

Make Use Of Pictures:

If you’re stuck with the thought that reels can only be made through videos, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can market photos in your reels to stand out more than just your regular picture posts. Create a unique reel with a transition video or slideshow with your pictures.

Follow The Trends:

Anything that is trending has the potential to go viral on social media. Much is the same for Instagram reels. If you find a specific trend, like a new product that everyone is suing or reviewing or a dance or even a challenge that all the creators seem to be trying out, you, too, hop on the bandwagon and give it a go.

You’re also more likely to get reposted or shared with other users on the platform if your reel concerns something trendy.

Check Out What Are The Trendy Audios On Instagram:

One of the easiest ways to capitalize on making reels is to adopt the trendy music or sounds that are currently all the buzz. It could be a new music release from an artist or an extract from another video, TV show, or movie.

Using these kinds of audio in your reels will surely get you noticed since everyone is already excited to see what new ideas creators are coming up with sing the same sound.

Make It Short And Sweet:

The average human mind can only focus on something for a few seconds to hardly a minute. Use this knowledge to create shorter, more engaging reels that will have your audience hooked from start to finish.

Hashtags Everywhere!

Never underestimate the power of a good lineup of Hashtags. But don’t overuse it or put up irrelevant hashtags that have nothing to do with your content. Make it relevant so that other users looking for the same content time will find you easily when they use the same hashtags.

In Conclusion

apart from all the above, another thing to keep you relevant to your target audience is to be consistent in posting your reels and also increase engagement by using different tactics like CTAs on all your reels.

This generates more audience engagement and interaction, which the Instagram algorithm might pick up on and feature your reel on the explore page.

Remember, the more people engage with your content; the more likely Instagram will find your content relevant to show other users through the explore page and boost your online visibility.