How to get more viewers on TikTok Live in 2023

How to get more viewers on TikTok Live in 2023

TikTok has become a massive platform that has garnered hundreds of millions of followers worldwide. This platform doesn’t just allow you to watch short videos, but you can also engage with people through live streams. Even though you require a minimum of 1000 followers to gain access to the feature, there are tricks to take a detour against this rule.

In this article, we will provide you with simple tips to get more engagement on your TikTok account so that you can increase live stream viewers. So, how to get more viewers on TikTok Lives? Let’s dive right in and find out!

How to access TikTok Live without 1000 followers?

  • At the top-right part of the screen, there is a hamburger symbol that you can use to access the settings and privacy.
  • Scrolling to the support section, you can tap the ‘Report a Problem’ option.
  • Pick the “I can’t start a Live” option.
  • A redirected screen will appear; you can tap ‘No’ and then pick the ‘Need more help’ option when the pop-up question “Is your problem resolved?” appears.
  • The “Tell us your feedback” tab will appear, and you can type: I cannot go Live on TikTok. Can you please help me enable the feature?
  • Once you’ve sent the feedback in, you can access TikTok live in a few days.

How to get more viewers on TikTok Lives

When you can access TikTok Live, these are a few tricks that you can put up your sleeve to gather more engagement on your account and be in sync with the algorithm.

Stick to 30-minute streams.

Although TikTok lives can be as long as an hour, you can be spontaneous with the length of your live stream. However, keeping it brief and straight to the point will allow you to have the viewers on your side and get you to your goal quicker. Starting off your Lives at 30 minutes will help you slowly gain your views, making it easy for followers to interact with you.

Cater to short attention spans.

TikTok users are on the app because they want to view brief content, so being quick and sweet in your streams can allow followers to consume your content more accessible and bring in engagement. You want to cater to the people, so make sure your content is appealing from beginning to end. Share your views on trendy topics, or ask your followers what they think.

Look and be professional.

You’ve probably seen your favoriteTikTokers go live; they have good camera angles and great lighting on their belt. Employing natural light is a good option, but ring lights are the go-to if you want to be memorable. Hold your camera in a stable position, and find a quiet place in the house to live stream.

Duet with other TikTokers.

Working as a team gets you towards your goal quicker, so your audience will grow by collaborating and being creative with other influencers. Pick creators with the same niche as you and team up with them after asking if they are interested.

Be goal-oriented.

Before going live, ask yourself what you want to achieve with this stream. Whether it’s to beckon traffic towards your site, promote an essential product, or share with your community, clarity in your goal will help you effectively. You must also remember to talk about things your followers want to hear about, so be clear and go for it!