How To Get More Subscribers On Your Youtube Channel

How To Get More Subscribers On Your Youtube Channel

According to the latest YouTube statistics, people consume over 1 billion hours of content on the platform! And with about 2 billion active users, the platform averages about 42.9% of the total global internet usage monthly.

With numbers like that, you might have already guessed how popular this platform is and how much competition is to show up at the top of the chain. And one of the ways you can do this is by increasing your subscriber count, which automatically means your viewership also increases.

So if you’re asking yourself why you are binging some channels while skimming through the rest, there are probably various reasons. If you want to know how to make your channel stand out and attract more subscribers to your account, you might find this article helpful.

How To Get More Subscribers On Your Youtube Channel?

Use Enticing Video Thumbnails:

We all know how a video thumbnail can lure us into the video regardless of what the title might say. Your thumbnail is vital in whether it makes a viewer excited or curious about your video. A quick tip on thumbnails is to use an actual clipping from your video, preferably a human image. This makes it easier for your audience to relate and engage with your content at the very first impression.

Make Good-Quality Videos:

The more value you offer your viewers, the more likely they will want to watch your videos again. As mentioned earlier, so many users on this platform and channels create and upload content daily, so there are bound to be useless videos and clutter.

Don’t be one of these channels; always put in the extra effort to make your videos as informative and high-value as possible and worth your viewers’ time to watch them.

Create Organized Playlists:

You might already have a few videos on your channel; clean it up by doing regular housekeeping and categorizing them into playlists. You can do this by separating them via topics or timelines.

This makes it easier to watch your content in an organized manner, especially if your channel is not dedicated to only one genre or niche.

Add A Few Recommended Videos To Your End Screen:

You might already know that the more videos of yours a viewer watches, the more likely they are to want to subscribe to your channel. So always put one or two videos on your end screen and promote that video so there are higher chances of the user clicking on one of these videos to watch next.

Respond And Interact With Your Viewers:

Make it a point to reply to comments on your videos, especially if the comments aren’t too overwhelming. Since many YouTubers tend to neglect this, when you respond to your viewers, you stand out from the crowd, and your viewers are more likely to subscribe to you since you share some form of connection and interaction.

Use Enticing Banners And Profile Photos:

You might not think much of the icon in your channel because you can hardly even see it, but it plays an integral part in your branding. This includes your banner as well. Ensure that both these pictures are cohesive and relevant to your channel’s genre, niche, or brand.

Make Use Of Channel Trailers:

If you’re a marketer, start using YouTube trailers to make few seconds videos of what your potential subscribers might expect from your channel. Try to make it as compelling as possible by using your best features, and add a CTA at the end to make sure you rope your subscribers in.

In Conclusion

These tips might help you gain followers, but above everything, you should know that consistency is key in whatever you do. So it won’t matter if you have the best equipment to shoot your videos or the best lighting and editing if you don’t consistently keep up with the quality.

So decide on a schedule when you will be uploading and let your viewers know about any updates on this schedule so they know you are keeping them updated as well. The more engagement, the better your chances at keeping the present subscribers and earning more.