0 Views on your TikTok Video: These Tips can help!

0 Views on your TikTok Video: These Tips can help!

Tired of your TikTok videos having 0 views after hours or that you don't get any more views after 100-300 views? A lot of TikTok creators have the same problem right now. In this blog post, we will show you things that can help you to get more views on your TikTok videos.

Zero or Low Views on TikTok, what is the reason?

More and more TikTok users report that they suddenly get no views or are seen by very few followers. The reason why your videos do not show up on the ForYou page can have many reasons:

  • Changing content
  • Shadowban
  • Account warnings

Changing your Content on TikTok:

The common reason you get fewer views on your TikTok videos is your content. If you suddenly make new content, many of your followers may not be interested in it. For example, if you were doing dance videos before and then suddenly you're doing cooking videos, a lot of your viewers may not interact with your videos as much as they did with your old videos. If your viewers no longer like, save, or comment, TikTok will limit your videos and not show them to as many people because there is no interest. TikTok will only show your videos to more people if the interest and engagement rate is high.

What is a shadowban?

If you had a lot of views before and suddenly get very few views, it can be a shadowban. A shadowban is an invisible ban of your account, which means you don't get a notification from the APP that your account has been restricted. Many social media platforms use this system to protect themselves from spam, fraud, or other harmful content. How can something like this happen? TikTok is a very user-friendly platform, if a video includes things like insults, smoking, nudity, etc., they are actually deleted very quickly. On your TikTok account, you should avoid such videos in any case, because something like that could limit your reach or even worse your account could be deleted completely.

Many Account warnings:

If you post a video it breaks TikTok's rules, your video will be deleted and you will receive a warning from TikTok. Your video can be deleted for several reasons, for example, harmful content, spreading false information, insults, spam or fraud, etc. Ignoring the account warnings could risk your account. Your views may be restricted or even your account may be deleted. You should always follow the rules of social media platforms. The account warnings usually go away in a few weeks to months on their own, if there are no further violations at this time.

The solution how to stop getting low views on your TikToks:

As soon as you post a video, TikTok will mostly show your video to people who have already interacted with one of your videos, i.e. liked, commented, saved, etc. If you repost a video and it is shown to the same people, then most of them will just scroll down because they have seen your video before. So please do not upload a video that has gone viral in the past over and over again. This will be also detected by TikTok and plays an important role. TikTok always shows your video to a very small percentage of people first and if for example out of 300 people who have seen your video only 10 will like it, then TikTok will no longer show your video on the For You page because the interaction is simply too low. Watch Time is also important, if a 30-second video is only viewed for 5 seconds, then TikTok will notice this very quickly. So you have to engage people with your video. No long-winded talks, always come directly to the topic of your video. Keep it short, make it better.

Interaction in the app: Increase your interaction in the TikTok app, that's one of the important things you should do if you want to be successful on TikTok. Many creators just post a video and exit the app, thinking that eventually, their videos will go viral, but that's not how it works. The interaction and active use of the app are very important. To interact with other videos, like videos you like, comment on other videos, follow accounts that interest you, etc. These interactions will help your account a lot because the TikTok app will notice your interaction and your videos will even suggest many more people than usual. Don't forget that using hashtags for your TikTok videos can also be very helpful, we wrote an article for that: click here